Finally, done!
These are Subeta-styled avatars for our three “Archivist” members— Kalisha, Garrison, and Isadora.

Their colors are Peach, Ocean, and Mauve, respectively, and they all deal with internal data management, especially in maintaining coherence between fronters. 
They sometimes work with Sherlock, but for the most part they’re just an inseparable trio.

Kalisha is a pro at finding needed information in a snap, Garrison is the one who actively communicates that info to other members, and Isadora is good at posing questions about that info to find details that everyone else missed or overlooked.

They are also, miraculously, three of the only members who survived Cannon’s brutal attack on the System on December 27th. So we owe them a lot, as they essentially kept what was left together until Central eventually recovered.